Monday, September 23, 2013

13. Port Lockroy 64°49'24" S 63°28'53" W Last Steps On Antarctica

We had arrived in the evening of February 19th at Port Lockroy and would stay here for two nights. Because of this we would have a barbecue on board. Strong drinks were served with ice probably thousands of year old. This was probably the strangest place to have a barbecue, it got close to (or below) freezing soon, we were close to massive icewalls and on board of a ship that had grapes as decorations.

Of course, all waste remained on board. Nothing, really nothing is being left. All our waste remained on board until reaching Ushuaia again.

Port Lockroy had been a British reach station, nowadays it is more known for being a museum and hosting a mail office. It is also a popular stopover and so we met a few other tourist ships. The feeling of exploring Antarctica was somewhat less here, still the penguins all around us were charming as always.

On our second day before leaving again we made a morning walk on the ice at Dallman Bay to have a great panoramic view of the surroundings.

After our last visit, having posted our mail we returned to the boat, this had been our last steps on Antarctica, but we still had one more stop to go.

This album here has pictures of Port Lockroy and Dalmann Bay, many Gentoo Penguins, a whale skeleton and the Bark Europa.
It has 86 pictures.

click here for the album

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