Monday, September 23, 2013

14. Neumayer and Schollaert Channel 64°47'26" S 63°8'21" W An Ice Spinx and Whales In A Golden Sunset

In the afternoon of the 21st of February we sailed again northwards, through the Neumayer and Schollaert Channel. The last days we were really lucky with the weather and this was no exception.

We passed along many icebergs, one remarkably shaped like a sphinx.

At the end of the afternoon we heard a familar shout: "whales!"
A small group of Humpback whales were around giving us a proper farewell. Though they remained at a distance, it was a stunning sight with the golden light of th late afternoon.
When they seemed to have left and I returned to do some work at my netbook, the shouts came again. And this repeated itself several times until I finally had a kind of overload and decided to try to finish some sorting of my pictures. Of course that was when they started to jump...

This album here has pictures of the Neumayer and Schollaert Channel, Icebergs, Whales and the Bark Europa.
It has 31 pictures.

click here for the album

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