Monday, September 23, 2013

12. Penola Strait and Peltier Channel 65°10'0" S 64°6'60" W Back North Again

After our visit to Petermann Island we would head up north again, backtracking a bit of our route through the Penola Strait and Lemaire Channel to head up to Port Lockroy, passing through the Peltier Channel.

Circumstances were completely different from the day before. The sky was clear, the sea was smooth, it was great to see this again in this changed weather.

We were lucky enough to see more whales and in the afternoon the setting sun again showed us how magical this place can be.

This album here has pictures of The Lemaire Channel, Penola Strait and Peltier Channel, a whale and the Bark Europa.
It has 18 pictures.

click here for the album

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