Monday, September 23, 2013

11. Petermann Island 65°10'0" S 64°10'0" W Gentoo and Adelie Penguins

On the 19th of February we would first go a little bit more south to reach our most southern location at 65°16'9" S 64°16'17" W. After that we slowly sailed north again and our first stop would be Petermann Island, home of Adelie penguins, a species that we had not encountered before.

Those penguins start their breeding seasons a lot earlier though, this being more southern, the winter will also start earlier so they need to have an early start and most were already gone, but we managed to see a few.

A freshwater pool was a popular bathing spot for Skuas. It remains puzzling to see how penguins and those scavengers just stand close to each other at his pool but otherwise they are enemies.

We had several hours here to walk around on this ice covered island, once again I admired the stubbornness of penguins, seeing them climbing through the ice and rocks to go to their nesting place.

This album here has pictures of Petermann Island, Gentoo and Adelie Penguins, Skuas, Icebergs and the Bark Europa.
It has 57 pictures.

click here for the album

Penguins can be funny as we all know:

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