Monday, September 23, 2013

1. Introduction

February 2012 I went on a journey to fulfill a childhood dream: visiting the continent of Antarctica on a sailing vessel no less, the Bark Europa.Though I did not have any experience with sailing, when I read about their expeditions the choice for adventure was easily made.

This blog has links to several fotoalbums and videos will be added regularly.
It follows my journey in chronological order. In the posts below I give short descriptions of the places and what is included in the pictures.

The albums are hosted on the nikon site nikon image space,. It is also possible to switch to a slideshow presentation (but I recommend to set the music off). The site seems to be a bit slow, but that's the price for being free I guess.

You can download the albums, feel free to do so. The pictures are compressed and reduced in size from the originals though. If for some reason you would like to receive the full size picture, just post a comment. However I ask for one thing, and that is that you are not going to use it for commercial purposes. But if you want to be creative with it, go ahead.

Here's a little introductory video, it covers the first days of the trip. It has no sound though.

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